Our Dogs

Jake is a wonderful Golden Retriever whose owners were smart enough to know that they could not give him what he needed. Jake now works for a very happy girl and alerts to seizures.


Gold, Golden Retriever

Brandon has a great job for a Golden Retriever, taking care of a young man and alerting to his seizures.


Gold, Golden Retriever

Mark is a wonderful Labrador Retriever who wasn’t wanted as a puppy. Now he is changing the life of his new Mom by helping her walk and being quite a clown.


Yellow, Labrador Retriever

There was this “Other Puppy” that we really liked, and so we have O.P. the Labradoodle! O.P. alerts to his Dad’s seizures and provides extra stability during episodes of double vision.


Black, Labradoodle

Trevor is an unusual chocolate Labradoodle donated to our program by his breeder. This big guy will be helping his boy with balance, stability, and handling seizures.


Chocolate, Labradoodle

Chelsea is a cute Labradoodle who was left on the farm when all of her other siblings were sold. I guess she was just waiting for us to find her! This outgoing girl is anxiously waiting


Yellow, Labradoodle

Austin is a wonderful chocolate Labrador with a great job. He is going to school with his young man, assisting with walking and retrieval. Unfortunately he has not shown much talent for homework.


Chocolate, Labrador Retriever

Olivia is a little yellow Labrador with boundless enthusiasm. She will be helping her new Mom who has Down’s Syndrome and diabetes.


Yellow, Labrador Retriever

Gamble is a big yellow Labrador and is taking after his “Big Brother” Grady! Gamble now works for his Mom by helping her with walking, retrieval, doors, and general mischief.


Yellow, Labrador Retriever