Our Dogs

Olivia is a little yellow Labrador with boundless enthusiasm. She will be helping her new Mom who has Down’s Syndrome and diabetes.


Yellow, Labrador Retriever

She’s So Raven! This cute little girl found a way to sneak into our program and manipulate her way into a perfect job. She will be working as a hearing dog and travelling at least some parts of the world.


Black, Labrador Retriever mix

Gamble is a big yellow Labrador and is taking after his “Big Brother” Grady! Gamble now works for his Mom by helping her with walking, retrieval, doors, and general mischief.


Yellow, Labrador Retriever

Finley was found in a field after being dumped along with about 40 other puppies. We brought the young pup into the program and his determination carried him through. He helps his Mom walk, he retrieves and is learning to manage her vision issues.


Gold, Golden Retriever

Zoe is an energetic Labrador Retriever brought to us by her owner for training. She was off to a great start, and has learned to ways to help and entertain her Mom while dealing with MS. Zoe helps with walking. retrieves, carries, and steals dishtowels.


Yellow, Labrador Retriever

Everyone needs a clown! This funny boy with his wacky tail are making quite an impression. Jamie helps with stability, retrieves items, opens doors, and tries his best to manage his Mom.


Red, Labradoodle

Rusty is a handsome Labrador ready to take on the world. Or at least take on his new person. Rusty is proud to be with his Dad, a Veteran, as they tackle the world together.


Chocolate, Labrador Retriever

Who can resist this happy Goldendoodle? For sure his new Dad adores him. Jerry provides balance and stability, retrieves dropped items, and helps his Dad get out and about with independence.


Cream, Goldendoodle

Denver is a handsome standard poodle who helps his person with mobility issues.


Cream, Standard Poodle