Nicholas F. Shepadoodle

  • 3 yr old shepadoodle
  • Highly trained seizure alert/mobility support dog needs a new home so owner can start working with a different dog.
  • Dog is 75lbs and in excellent health and physical shape.
  • Dog is insured
  • no dogs
  • no cats
  • no birds
  • fenced yard
  • must be able to ride bicycle/4-wheeler to exercise dog

Owning a dog like Nicholas is a serious commitment and a huge responsibility. He is not a pet. He is a working dog/athlete which requires sustained aerobic exercise every day. An ideal situation would be to place him in a home with a disabled veteran who has a yard, no other pets, and is home and able to exercise and take care of the dog on a daily basis.

He is very special to us and and his owner. We will not place him anywhere unless it meets the critera listed above. He has led a distinguished career as a seizure alert dog and deserves a happy retirement. Serious people only. There will be an interview process. Don’t lie, we will find out. If you know someone who’s life could be changed by a retired service dog then please contact Dustin. He will make a great companion to someone out there that is as special as he is.

Contact me and I will give you his facebook page to look at.

Dustin Feldman
Amazing Tails, LLC.
Volunteer Services Director

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