Yellow Goldendoodle


Aaron, a Goldendoodle, was taken from a barn where he had spent the first 7 months of his life. Aaron was so delighted to have a life that he flew through training and is working with his Mom by retrieving, carrying, opening doors and being a clown.

Yellow Labrador Retriever


Aiden is a sweet yellow lab puppy who is living with his trainer and learning basic obedience.

Yellow Labradoodle


Amos is a Labradoodle steered to us by a local rescue. This cute boy flew through his training and helps his Mom deal with her severe RSD issues.

Yellow Labradoodle


Arlan is a goofy dog who lives in Florida and helps his mom negotiate stairs, walk and generally get around easier.

Chocolate Labrador Retriever


Austin is a wonderful chocolate Labrador with a great job. He is going to school with his young man, assisting with walking and retrieval. Unfortunately he has not shown much talent for homework.

Chocolate Labradoodle


Cream Labradoodle


Beau is a sweet mellow labradoodle who helps his boy get around safely.

Sable Rough Coat Collie


Becker is a Rough Coat Collie found at a local shelter. We have no idea why no one was looking for this gem. Becker is living with his new Mom and helping with retrieval, carrying, doors and general clownish behavior

Black Labradoodle


Ben helps guide his Mom as well as helping her walk and alert to her seizures.


Benjamin waited a long time to be a service dog and endured a lot of mistreatment. Now he is alerting to his new Mom’s blood sugar, helping with walking, retrieving, and preparing to teach music lessons. Let’s hope he can sing on key!

Cream Standard Poodle


Bentley is a large cream standard poodle who will help his child get around school.

Black Labrador Retriever mix


Bonnie is a black lab mix who helps her girl in school and at home.

Black German Shepherd Dog mix


Yellow Labrador Retriever


Brady is a cuddly yellow labrador retriever who is currently living with his trainer and learning basic obedience.

Gold Golden Retriever


Brandon has a great job for a Golden Retriever, taking care of a young man and alerting to his seizures.

Gold Golden Retriever


Brogan is an enthusiastic young golden retriever released to a pet home. Adopted by Jim and Candace Dell 33 Woodland Dr Nottingham, PA 19362

cell # 302-377-9027

Yellow Labrador Retriever


Cream Labradoodle


Carson is a sweet puppy in training.

Black Labrador Retriever mix


Carter was picked up at a local shelter. This smart boy of unknown origin is as smart as can be. He helps his Mom with walking. retrieving, and keeping a watch for killer squirrels.

Cream Standard Poodle


We took a chance on Chance! This Standard Poodle was donated to our program and for a while we just couldn’t find a good fit for this boy. Then along came a young woman who responded to his poodle-ish ways. He loves getting his girl on the bus and helping her around school and at home.

Cream Labradoodle


Charlotte is an adorable Labradoodle donated to our program. This little angel will be helping her little girl with Dravet have a very happy childhood with a very special friend by her side.

Yellow Labradoodle


Chelsea is a cute Labradoodle who was left on the farm when all of her other siblings were sold. I guess she was just waiting for us to find her! This outgoing girl is anxiously waiting

Black Labrador Retriever mix


Clancey goofy is a Newfie Lab mix who takes him job very seriously and helps his mom in many ways!

Black Standard Poodle


Cromwell is a black standard poodle puppy who is living with his trainer and learning basic obedience.

Yellow Labrador Retriever


Crosby is a sweet yellow lab puppy who loves to cuddle and takes his training very seriously.



Daisy is a very cute Labradoodle donated by a local breeder. She helps her Mom walk, works with her wheelchair, retrieves, carries, and supplies a lot of love!

Apricot Standard Poodle


Daphne is a Standard Poodle with attitude and the skills to back it up. Daphne's gentle ways help her Mom's RSD by providing balance, retrieval, and occasional lifeguard duties. No Splashing!

Cream Labradoodle


Darby is an amazing labradoodle who helps her mom walk.

Cream Standard Poodle


Denver is a handsome standard poodle who helps his person with mobility issues.

Cream Labradoodle


Devon is a playful little labradoodle who alerts and helps is mom get around.

Black Labradoodle


Dixon is a silly black labradoodle who is currently living with his trainer and learning skills.



Finley was found in a field after being dumped along with about 40 other puppies. We brought the young pup into the program and his determination carried him through. He helps his Mom walk, he retrieves and is learning to manage her vision issues.

Yellow Labrador Retriever


Gamble is a big yellow Labrador and is taking after his "Big Brother" Grady! Gamble now works for his Mom by helping her with walking, retrieval, doors, and general mischief.

White Standard Poodle


Gandolf is a white standard poodle who lives with his trainer and learning basic skills.

Black Labrador Retriever


Geoffrey is a Labrador Retriever pup from a local farm. He was our first pick, although siblings Caleb and Hannah were not far behind. This big boy helps his Mom walk, retrieves, carries, and keeps this busy Mom moving.

Black Labrador Retriever


Grady is a big black Labrador who just never seemed to stop growing! He helps his Mom with her walking and balance, retrieves and carries items, and takes up a lot of room in the car!

Gold Golden Retriever


Jake is a wonderful Golden Retriever whose owners were smart enough to know that they could not give him what he needed. Jake now works for a very happy girl and alerts to seizures.

Red Labradoodle


Everyone needs a clown! This funny boy with his wacky tail are making quite an impression. Jamie helps with stability, retrieves items, opens doors, and tries his best to manage his Mom.

Black Labrador Retriever


Jenna is a little Labrador Retriever with the best job in the world – helping a little boy manage his seizures. This is one cute team!

Cream Goldendoodle


Who can resist this happy Goldendoodle? For sure his new Dad adores him. Jerry provides balance and stability, retrieves dropped items, and helps his Dad get out and about with independence.

Chocolate Labradoodle


Gold Labradoodle


Katrina came into our program as a puppy from a local breeder and has grown up to be a fantastic dog. Katrina works with her Mom’s wheelchair, retrieving items, opening doors, and generally getting out and about!

Yellow Labrador Retriever


Largo is a Labrador Retriever donated by a breeder in the Florida Keys. He is attending college with his Mom and alerting to narcolepsy and seizures.

Apricot Standard Poodle


Lily is a Standard Poodle donated to us by a local breeder. She has now expanded her horizons as a sunbird, wintering in warmer climes. She alerts to seizures and makes life more fun.

Apricot Golden Retriever mix


Gold Golden Retriever mix


Madden came to us from a Craigslist ad. This happy Shepherd/Golden mix is just too much fun. He helps his Dad with retrieval and doors, and certainly makes life more interesting.

Yellow Labrador Retriever


Mark is a wonderful Labrador Retriever who wasn’t wanted as a puppy. Now he is changing the life of his new Mom by helping her walk and being quite a clown.

Grey Labradoodle


Mason is a silly sweet grey labradoodle living with his trainer and learning skills.

Chocolate Labrador Retriever


Matt is a beautiful loving chocolate lab who is serious about his work, but is a goofball at the same time.

Yellow Labradoodle


Max the Labradoodle was donated to us by his owners due to allergies. It worked out well for Max! He is helping his Mom get around and helps with balance,. transfers, retrieval, and greeting dogs at the grooming shop!

Black Labrador Retriever


Meg is an adorable black Labrador Retriever from a local shelter. This little dynamo was born to work and flew through training. She helps her Mom by opening doors, retrieving, carrying, balancing for walking, and being photogenic.

Brindle Mixed Breed


Nicky is a new addition, and certainly a different dog! This Shepadoodle pup has just joined us and we can't wait to see how he turns out.

Black Labradoodle


There was this “Other Puppy” that we really liked, and so we have O.P. the Labradoodle! O.P. alerts to his Dad’s seizures and provides extra stability during episodes of double vision.

Black Labradoodle


Oliver is a young labradoodle puppy who is learning his manners and obedience until he is ready to start formal training.

Yellow Labrador Retriever


Olivia is a little yellow Labrador with boundless enthusiasm. She will be helping her new Mom who has Down's Syndrome and diabetes.

Black Labradoodle


OP is a black curly labradoodle who lives in Florida and helps his dad by alerting to his seizures.

Black Labrador Retriever mix


She's So Raven! This cute little girl found a way to sneak into our program and manipulate her way into a perfect job. She will be working as a hearing dog and travelling at least some parts of the world.

Chocolate Labradoodle


Riley is a young female labradoodle re-homed from Craig's List. She alerts her mom to heart issues and helps her mom walk.

Yellow Labrador Retriever


Roca is a wonderful Labrador Retriever donated by his breeder. He is a smart boy and is helping his Dad with a wide variety of skills to help with his spinal cord injury. Roca has quite literally opened doors for his Dad, enabling him to get out any time he feels like it.

Chocolate Labrador Retriever


Rusty is a handsome Labrador ready to take on the world. Or at least take on his new person. Rusty is proud to be with his Dad, a Veteran, as they tackle the world together.

White German Shepherd Dog mix


Sam is a beautiful white shepherd from a local shelter who helps keep his Dad moving.

White Standard Poodle


Sara is a white standard poodle who helps mom retrieve dropped items and transfer from her wheelchair.

Black Standard Poodle mix


Sawyer is a cuddly black Bernadoodle mix who is living with his trainer and learning basic obedience.


Seamus is a lively Labradoodle puppy who came from an Amish farm. He is currently learning manners and basic obedience while he grow up.

Black Standard Poodle mix


Sebastian is a sweet cute bernadoodle puppy who is living with his trainer and learning basic skills.

Chocolate Labrador Retriever


Sydney hits the road running at a full gallop. She loves everyone and everything. She's learning skills while living with her trainer.

Black/Tan German Shepherd Dog


Taboo is a German Shepherd Dog brought to us by her owner to be trained. Taboo helps with balance and stability for walking, retrieves and carries items.

Yellow Labrador Retriever


Teddy is the most sweet loving laid back yellow retriever puppy. He is living with his trainer and learning basic skills.

Chocolate Labradoodle


Trevor is an unusual chocolate Labradoodle donated to our program by his breeder. This big guy will be helping his boy with balance, stability, and handling seizures.

Yellow Labradoodle


Winston is a big Labradoodle with a big heart and a big job. He helps with his Mom’s Lupus by helping her with walking, retrieving, and always being available for a hug.

Chocolate Labradoodle


Yellow Labrador Retriever


Zoe is an energetic Labrador Retriever brought to us by her owner for training. She was off to a great start, and has learned to ways to help and entertain her Mom while dealing with MS. Zoe helps with walking. retrieves, carries, and steals dishtowels.

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