Amazing Tails Service Dog
Puppy Raiser Program

Amazing Tails is looking for service dog puppy raisers in Oxford, PA and surrounding areas.  You must be close enough to attend classes at a minimum of twice a month.  All members of the house must agree to the guidelines that Amazing Tails provides.

Puppy Raisers are expected to raise potential service dogs using positive reinforcement in a loving environment for approximately a year.  Puppy Raisers must realize the responsibility that they are assuming when agreeing to raise a service dog puppy.  The level of good behavior that a service dog puppy must achieve is greater than that of a household pet.
Puppy raisers take their puppy wherever they go.  They go to grocery stores, malls, work, movies, museums, sporting events, and school. The possibilities are endless.  This one-on-one experience gives future service dogs confidence and trust in their handler that will stay with them their entire life.  The more interaction with people both inside and outside the home the puppy has, the better equipped he/she will be to start formal training.
Amazing Tails will provide the puppy raisers, a crate, vet visits, training equipment, advice whenever you need it, bowls, and monthly medications.  You will provide encouragement, daily grooming, toys, firm boundaries, bi-monthly training classes (at Amazing Tails) and most importantly love.
At the end of that year (or so) the puppy will return to Amazing Tails to complete its specialized training.  They will learn the skills to help someone with disabilities become more independent.
Do you think you and your family would like to help Amazing Tails and our clients by becoming a puppy home?  If so, please fill out the application and someone will get back to you.
Service Dog Puppy Raiser
Puppy Raiser


Please fill out the following application. Once you submit your application, an Amazing Tails trainer will contact you within 2 business days (usually sooner). If you qualify for the program, we will schedule an in-person interview in Oxford, PA.

Please be thoughtful with your answers and fill out all of the questions with complete answers. Don’t tell us what you think we want to hear. Nobody is perfect. We want to know more about you. Just because you have a dog or cat, doesn’t mean that you are disqualified. We need to know more about your living situation. Dogs can have different needs. This helps us ensure that we place the right dog with the right puppy raiser.


Puppy Raiser Application

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