The Ravens “Kick Off Club” gives kids the exciting opportunity to retrieve the tee from the field after kick off. In honor of Service Dog Awareness Month (September), Amazing Tails graduate, Teddy, and his humans were chosen. They got to run across the field and retrieve the tee with him in front of thousands of fans, spectators, and a live television audience.

“This type of opportunity is such a privilege. The avenues of adventures Teddy has brought to our lives has been amazing. He has encouraged us to push out of our comfort [zone] and do things we would have NEVER imagined.” ~ Rachel T.

There are many types of SDs that can assist with a wide variety of disabilities, not just the visually or hearing impaired. SDs need to remain focused on their human, quiet, and as ‘invisible’ as possible while on duty. Many handlers appreciate hearing someone say in passing, “I didn’t even notice there was a dog here!” Unfortunately, there are times when SDs attract unwanted or negative attention. Many people simply don’t know how to behave around one.

So, congratulations to Teddy for being a worthy, furry ambassador for all his fellow assistance canines across the globe, and the humans they take care of. Kudos to the Baltimore Ravens for promoting positive SD awareness!

Written By: Jen Bye Garza