I initially had a hard time finding service dog organizations that seemed feasible for me. Most places I found either would not consider me because I was out of their boundary, or if they didn’t have a boundary based on where you live, they had a 4+ year wait if they did accept you onto the waiting list. The first organization that I sent an application to said to give them up to 6 weeks to get back to you regarding the application. I waited with anticipation for 6 weeks like they had asked. Around week 9 I contacted them because I never heard back. I finally got ahold of someone and they told me they had no record of my application, which seemed ridiculous because I had a receipt saying they received it. I was also told they were not accepting new applications for the time being because of the high number of applicants, and that I would have to wait to apply again. Disappointed and frustrated, I pressed the person from this place to give me information on other organizations that trained service dogs because I told her what they did was not right, and that I was having a very hard time finding a place that could help me. They ended up giving me a list of random service dog organizations all over the country, some of which were not even in existence any longer. Luckily for me, Amazing Tails was on the list. I immediately looked them up and couldn’t believe they never came up in all of the searches that I had done for service dog organizations. I sent an email right away asking if they would accept an application from me. I got a response literally the same day which was great and gave me some hope. I filled out an application and was invited to come for an interview just a couple of weeks later. My fiance and I went for an interview and it was clear they really take the time to get to know you and understand your needs. It is more personalized than bigger organizations., and the training of the dog is based on the specific needs of the person who will be paired with the dog. They also did a great job of making sure you fully understand what having a service dog means. They basically give you the information and the facts that you need, and leave it up to you to decide if a service dog is a good decision for you. There is no pressure, so you don’t need to feel intimidated. There is also ongoing support from trainers as well as other people who have service dogs from there. I decided to get a dog from Amazing Tails, and am currently waiting while they train a dog for me. I am really excited to get my dog, and every day I can see how my dog will help me and make life better. Another thing I love about Amazing Tails is that they mostly use dogs from shelters. There are so many dogs out there that need a home and a loving bond with someone, so the fact that they are helping dogs and people at the same time is doubley awesome!

Ashleigh Blum Jennings

Highly recommend to anyone looking for a service dog to enhance their life. I have Service Dog from Amazing Tails. He has been trained to help with my balance, retrieval, and walking. The ongoing support from the trainers is fabulous!

Denice DeAntonio

My experience with Amazing Tails staff and dogs has been life changing. My daughter suggested I get a dog for my seizures and balance. To be honest I thought ok well this most likely isn’t going to work for me, but if it makes her happy for me to try I will.

My aunt who trains dogs found Amazing Tails and talked to Joanie. She called me all excited because she felt they were a great organization and we could raise the money and I needed to fill out the online application. So, I filled out the application and hit Submit and again thought I most likely won’t hear anything but everyone will be happy.

Well to my excitement Joanie called to set up an interview. I set the date and time and my dad took me and we talk about everything having a service dog entailed. I told her I couldn’t wait but once again I thought she wouldn’t approve me. Having a service dog is a huge commitment, but after the initial adjustment of taking your best friend everywhere it is the best commitment you will ever make.

Joanie called and told me I was selected for the program and I couldn’t hold back any excitement to family and friends. The dogs are trained and matched to fit your specific needs and family type. I wasn’t sure about poodles but I was placed with a wonderful white poodle. He was so quiet the first month but then he showed his goofy side. He is absolutely perfect!

We travel all the time and he does great and adjust to all situations. Often we surprise people because he behaves so well they don’t even realize there is a dog around.

I will never go to another organization and will never not have a service dog as my dog has never missed a seizure alert and has helped me walk after several ankle surgeries. He brings me right back to my room when he knows I am headed to the wrong direction at night.

Amazing Tails and my Service Dog has given me my life back and I can never thank them enough!

Jennifer Barnes

Brady has changed my life in so many ways and I owe it all to Amazing Tails (AT). I always had animals in my life but never knew what a difference a service animal would make to me. After suffering a spinal cord injury and ending up in a wheelchair it became known to me that a service dog would help me in more ways than I even realized then. I needed to find the right organization and AT was it. I flew out to meet Joanie & Leslie and had the best interview. They made it known that they wanted a dog that would be best suited for me and my needs and took the time to get to know me and what I needed. It was very personalized, and I loved that they took the time. Everything was laid out from start to finish of what was expected and what I should expect from owning a dog. They wanted to make sure I was going to commit to a dog more than they have invested already.
About 8mo later I got an email with a picture of the dog that they felt was best suited for me. They kept me up to date on how training was going. Less than a 1 ½ yr. total wait, my goofball loving Brady boy came to be with me forever. Joanie and all the staff at AT are amazing. Not to mention she is an amazing cook when you go for your 2-week training.
I love that they train one on one for you in their own homes. For your specific needs and not as a cookie cutter as many larger facilities do. Training is personal, not a group setting. Its just you. They take the time for you and follow up with you. Joanie wants to continue to follow your progress and wants to hear from you, good and bad when you leave. They are there to help whenever needed, not just send you on your way. They truly care about you and their dogs.
I would never imagine the way he would have changed my life in the way that he did and still continues to. He helps in many general tasks and some specifically trained just for me. He has picked up on many more things and loves to challenge me. Best of all, there isn’t a day that goes by that he doesn’t make you laugh and smile. We are adventurous and active. He is my water boy that loves to play ball.
I am forever thankful and grateful to be a part of the AT family.

Tannia delapaz