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If you are fortunate enough to live life with few health issues beyond the occasional cold or pulled muscle, it’s difficult to understand how close you are to losing all independence due to an unforeseen illness or injury.

For millions of people with significant health problems, the simplest tasks are ordeals. Every step, every movement, every choice must be considered with the utmost care and caution.

Imagine if walking from your bedroom to the kitchen were a potentially life threatening journey.

If basics such as brushing your teeth could result in suffering a seizure, falling and suffering broken bones or a massive head injury, then you are a prisoner of your own body and reliant on others for almost everything you do.

Imagine what kind of life that must be like.

For many people, a service dog is the link to living a better, safer, more independent life.

That’s where Amazing Tails, LLC comes in.

Since 1999, Amazing Tails has been identifying and training dogs that perform life saving services for their human partners.

These dogs help people walk with stability. They open doors for people using wheelchairs. They warn those with hearing problems that fire alarms are wailing. They alert those who suffer from seizures that one is coming, minutes before it does.

They bring independence and security to people’s lives in a way that nothing else can.

Amazing Tails does this at a minimum of cost for those who need help the most, but who can usually afford it the least. These amazing animals are expensive, costing more than $10,000 per dog, including identification, extensive customized training and top care.

What follows are three of millions of examples of what people are experiencing in their lives every minute of every day. An Amazing Tails-trained service dog would bring independence and safety to the lives of these good folks and so many like them.

We hope you can donate any amount you can. Thank you.