Lions, Tigers, and Beckett?… | Amazing Tails Service dogs train at the Philadelphia Zoo

Joanie, Leslie, and Dustin took Ashleigh and her dog Beckett to the Philadelphia zoo as part of their final training program. Ashleigh and Beckett did a great job and all of the animals at the zoo were supportive. Many people enjoy visiting zoos, wildlife habitats,...

Training with Luca and Montgomery

Luca & Montgomery practiced stairs, and basic obedience in Lititz, PA. We visited the Wilber Chocolate store and got treats for the two legged members of the group.

Gibson & Jimmy at IKEA

Tuesday we spent the day training at IKEA with Gibson & Jimmy as well as Lisa and Josh (not pictured). The dogs practiced maneuvering, steps, elevator skills, and basic obedience.

Service Dog, Teddy, Chosen to Retrieve Kick Off Tee by the Baltimore Ravens To Promote Service Dog Awareness

The Ravens “Kick Off Club” gives kids the exciting opportunity to retrieve the tee from the field after kick off. In honor of Service Dog Awareness Month (September), Amazing Tails graduate, Teddy, and his humans were chosen. They got to run across the field and...
Looking for volunteers

Looking for volunteers

We have volunteer positions available in the following areas: Fundraising Blogging Puppy Training Kennel Assistance

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